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Bulk Ranker


In the CSV, we want to give an option to put a link to an image that you can use as the featured image for the post/page.

Enable an option in the advanced settings of Bulk Ranker to overwrite existing pages or posts when uploading to slugs that are already in use. Currently, uploading to an existing slug results in creating a new page with a modified slug (e.g., adding a ‘2’ or ‘3’). This feature will allow direct replacement without needing to delete pages or posts manually.

We need a way to implement categories and tags into the upload process so you can just add those in your excel sheet instead of applying them afterwards.

Some sites and servers weren’t working with the normal Bulk Ranker version so we did some testing and R&D to make it more compatible with all types of servers.

Made some changes in the way things get uploaded so that is compatible with more plugins like Rank Math, Yoast, and others.

This should ensure it is more compatible across the board with all plugins

Added batch creation so that you can visually see how far along the creation process Bulk Ranker is. 

This also avoids timeout errors and improves reliability of creation in general.