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Bulk Ranker

Programmatic seo wordpress plugin

Publish thousands of pages in one click.

Bulk Ranker allows you to create bulk landing pages or posts from a spreadsheet while still keeping your original page designs.


How Bulk Ranker Works

Go from a simple spreadsheet to thousands of pages bringing you organic traffic in a few clicks.


Create a template page

Create your own custom design to fit your specific data. Use simple shortcodes to map where your data will go.


Upload your data

Organize your data in a CSV/excel file and upload it to WordPress to use with your custom design


Publish thousands of pages

Start ranking and getting loads of organic traffic by publishing your pages in bulk and creating incredible dynamic content.

Benefits of Bulk Ranker

Create thousands of pages in one click and grow organic traffic easily

Topical authority

Publish thousands of pages in one click & build topical authority quickly

No time wasted

Save weeks, months, or even years of time by creating in bulk

Save big on costs

Save money and time using BulkRanker instead of assistants

Search relevancy

Create pages with more relevant content for your visitors

Long-tail goldmine

Unlock a treasure trove of long-tail keywords you can rank for

Grow traffic

Most importantly, grow your organic traffic & make more money

See Bulk Ranker in action 👇